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Shell Commands

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Shell Commands Quick Reference

A non-comprehensive list of commands that work in the UEFI Shell environment.

For any command use help [command] -b to display more in-depth details of the command.

 alias         - Displays, creates, or deletes UEFI shell aliases
 attrib        - Displays or changes the attributes of files or directories
 bcfg          - Manages boot and driver options stored in NVRAM
 cd            - Displays the current directory or changes your presently working  directory
 cls           - Clears standard output and optionally changes background color
 comp          - Compares the contents of two files on a byte:byte basis
 connect       - Binds a driver to a specific device and starts the driver
 cp            - Copies 1+ files or directories to another location
 date          - Displays and sets the current date for the system
 dblk          - Displays 1+ blocks from a block device
 devices       - Displays the list of devices managed by UEFI drivers
 devtree       - Displays the UEFI Driver Model compliant device tree
 dh            - Displays the device handles in the UEFI environment
 disconnect    - Disconnects 1+ drivers from the specified devices
 dmem          - Displays the contents of system or device memory
 dmpstore      - Manages all UEFI variables
 drivers       - Displays the UEFI driver list
 drvcfg        - Invokes the driver configuration
 drvdiag       - Invokes the driver diagnostics protocol
 echo          - Echo message to stdout or toggle script echo
 edit          - Full-screen editor for ASCII or UCS-2 files
 eficompress   - Compress a file using UEFI compression algorithm
 efidecompress - Decompress a file using UEFI decompression algorithm
 else          - Identifies the code executed when 'if' is FALSE
 endfor        - Ends a 'for' loop
 endif         - Ends the block of a script controlled by an 'if' statement 
 exit          - Exits the UEFI Shell or the current script
 for           - Starts a loop based on 'for' syntax
 getmtc        - Gets the MTC from BootServices and displays it
 goto          - Moves the point of execution within a script (jump to)
 help          - Displays the UEFI Shell command list or verbose command help
 hexedit       - Full-screen hex editor for files, block devices, or memory
 if            - Executes the commands in specified conditions
 ifconfig      - Modifies the default IP address of IPv4 network stack
 load          - Loads a UEFI device driver into memory
 loadpcirom    - Loads a PCI Option ROM
 ls            - Lists a directory's contents or file information
 map           - Displays or defines file system mappings
 memmap        - Displays the memory map maintained by the UEFI environment
 mkdir         - Creates one or more new directories
 mm            - Displays or modifies MEM/MMIO/IO/PCI/PCIE address space
 mode          - Displays or changes console output device mode
 mv            - Moves 1+ files to a destination within a file system
 openinfo      - Displays the protocols and agents associated with a handle
 parse         - Retrieves a value from a record output in a standard format
 pause         - Pauses a script and waits for operator to press a key
 pci           - Displays PCI device list or PCI function configuration space
 ping          - Pings the target host with IPv4 stack
 reconnect     - Reconnects drivers to the specific device
 reset         - Resets the system
 rm            - Deletes 1+ files or directories
 sermode       - Sets serial point attributes
 set           - Displays or modifies UEFI Shell environment variables
 setsize       - Adjusts the size of a file
 setvar        - Changes the value of a UEFI variable
 shift         - Shifts in-script parameter positions
 smbiosview    - Displays SMBIOS info
 stall         - Stalls the operation for a specified number of microseconds
 time          - Displays or sets current time for system
 timezone      - Displays or sets timezone information
 touch         - Updates file name, adds timestamp 
 type          - Sends the contents of a file to the standard output device
 unload        - Unloads a driver that was already loaded
 ver           - Displays UEFI version details
 vol           - Displays or changes info about a disk volume