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Drone Lure

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The Drone Lure provides a basis for using the MinnowBoard MAX as the flight computer for a drone.

(Note: Lures are owned and supported by their respective owners and manufactures. The community can only give you best effort support; issues should be taken to the respective manufacturers and designers.)

Design Files:

Device Addresses

  • PCA9865 (PWM Chip)
    • I2C: 0x40
  • HMC5883L (Triple Axis Magnetometer)
    • I2C: 0x1E
    • Note: This is chained off of the IMU, which is on the SPI bus
  • MS5611 (Barometer)
    • I2C: 0x77
  • ADS1015IDGT
    • I2C: 0x48
  • MPU-6000 (IMU)
    • SPI: LSE SPI Bus