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The original MinnowBoard is no longer sold and was replaced by the MinnowBoard MAX in July 2014. The following information is for the original MinnowBoard (V1) exclusively, and does not reflect any technical features of the MinnowBoard MAX.

Technical Specs

Category Feature Notes
Core Logic Processor Intel® Atom™ E640 (1GHz, 32bit) ( datasheet )
EG20T Intel® Platform Controller Hub ( datasheet )
Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 600
Memory 1 GB DDR2 RAM System Memory
4 MB SPI Flash System Firmware Memory
Video Integrated GMA 600 (EMGD) SDVO to DVI (over HDMI connector)
Audio Analog 1/8 inch jack line Input and Output
I/O 1 - Micro SD SDIO (0)
1 - SATA2 3Gb/sec SATA (0)
2 - USB (host) Ports 0 & 1
1 - USB-B (device) Micro USB-B connector
1 - Serial debug Serial (UART 0) to USB conversion (mini-USB-B port)
10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45 connector
Experimenter Features 8 - Buffered GPIO pins
2 - Experimenter GPIO controlled LEDs
4 - Experimenter GPIO switches
System Firmware Flash Programming Header Compatible with Dedi-Prog Programmer
Board Dimensions 4.2 inches x 4.2 inches
Temperature Range 0 - 70 deg C Contact us for industrial temp range needs
Software All software is provided in image and Open Source form (with binary elements per IP restrictions)
Operating System Angström Linux Distribution (Yocto Project v1.3 Compatible) YoctoProject Badge Compatible.png
Other Software features as available Additional Linux Operating System Distributions are under evaluation
System Boot Firmware UEFI Firmware (Compliant to the UEFI 2.3. Specification with some 2.3.1 features) MinnowBoard UEFI Open Development Community

Visit Intel's Embedded Design Center for more specifications and documents on the Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series with Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T.

Block Diagram:


Design Files:

Here are download links for the (original) MinnowBoard design files:

MinnowBoard Getting Started Resources

NOTE: The following guides are for the MinnowBoard (v1) NOT for the MinnowBoardMax.

Here are some intro-level resources to help you learn about the (original) MinnowBoard and some things you can begin exploring with it. We also offer PDFs for convenient offline reading.

Please join our MinnowBoard email discussion list to report bugs or give us feedback. This forum is also your main source of community support for MinnowBoard.

OS Images

Specific OS Images for the MinnowBoard (v1) are available here: Os-images-v1

Firmware Images

Firmware images for the MinnowBoard (v1) are available at