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The site provides open source releases of Android* 5.0, 5.1 and 5.1.1 Lollipop reference code that is ported and optimized for MinnowBoard MAX and Turbot. These releases use a 64-bit kernel and a 32-bit userspace, and they support all the MinnowBoard Max/Turbot on-board peripherals such as Ethernet, HDMI (digital audio + video), USB host, SATA, I2C+SPI, GPIO, PWM and UART.

Note: This reference code is intended for developers interested in working with Android* OS on MinnowBoard MAX and Turbot. However, it does not have all the components to meet the Android Compatibility requirements for creating a complete Android tablet or smartphone solution.

Once you've got your MinnowBoard Turbot/Max setup and verified you're running the latest firmware, you're ready to install and provision an Android OS image:

  • You can use a pre-built image: Android-IA Downloads Page
  • Or, you could build your own Android OS image, but the code has become stale in our view. See below update.


  • As established in Dec 12th Github issue the Android 5.x releases discussed above are no longer supported by the team at Intel.
  • The MinnowBoard team is projecting that we might be able to revive mature Android support beginning with MinnowBoard 3 later in 2017. There are no commitments yet, but we have submitted the appeal to the Android-IA team via Check the new website to see if an Android tutorial has been added.