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Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux

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Wind River

Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux is a small, high-performance, secure, and manageable Open Source Linux distribution designed to simplify and speed your embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) development projects. Based on 35 years of Wind River industry-leading experience and the latest Yocto Project Compatible releases, Pulsar ensures your team is working with the highest-quality commercial open source embedded operating system on the market.

Pulsar Linux is certified on the MinnowBoard MAX development board: download an image and begin development immediately without any of the headaches and hassles of setting up your own embedded operating system.

Put Pulsar Linux to work on your MinnowBoard MAX

  1. Download the certified Wind River Pulsar Linux image for the MinnowBoard MAX device from the Wind River downloads site or from the Pulsar Linux for MinnowBoard MAX page.
  2. Copy the Wind River Pulsar Linux certified image onto a micro SD memory card or a USB Flash drive.
  3. Insert SD card into the device.
  4. Provide internet access by connecting an Ethernet cable to the device to provide network connectivity.
  5. Connect an HDMI display, a USB keyboard, and a USB mouse to the MinnowBoard MAX device.
  6. Power on the device; both Blue LED lights should illuminate.
  7. Wait for the device to boot up Wind River Pulsar Linux. The desktop environment is automatically launched for you.
  8. At the graphical login prompt, use the credentials root:incendia to log in to the system. You may change the password after the first login.
  9. Test network connectivity: in the console window enter ping
  10. Launch the terminal emulator and ignite your application development.

To ensure you have the latest firmware installed on your device, immediately after login run the smart update command.

Check out the extended documentation and development examples from the Wind River knowledge base.

For example, you can add a package to the device using the Smart Package Manager, as follows: download Links, a text-only Web browser, from the Wind River repository:

  # smart install -y links

and then start Links with:

  # links

Want the Source Code?

Wind River is developing Pulsar directly in this GitHub repository. You can download the build system, cross toolchain, and all layers and packages needed to build Pulsar on Intel® hardware targets by following the instructions on GitHub. You’ll be building in less than five minutes.

Want to Know More?

For more information about Wind River Pulsar™ Linux for MinnowBoard MAX, visit their website at